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Accelerated Free Fall Jump (AFF)

Schedule of Accelerated Free Fall Jump


Accelerated freefall (AFF) is the most advanced contemporary and quickest method of skydiving training. This method of skydiving training is called "accelerated" because the progression in this method is the fastest way to reach the solo free fall stage. Normally the Skydive happens from 10,000 feet "Above Ground Level" (AGL). In accelerated free fall programs, TWO instructors jump with the student during their first 2 level AFF jumps, after that only One instructor accompanied student in air for training. In the initial levels, the instructors hold on to the participant until the participant makes practice pull 3 trials & deploys their own parachute.


The AFF instructors have physical connection with the participant till the extent of their grip on him. So once the parachute is deployed, the instructors fly away and deploy their own parachutes.


Added Safety regulation in India by (PSA):-

01 Static Line Skydive Jump is mandatory before undergoing AFF Skydive Jump. This enhances the safety of the student Skydiver by taking away 50% of his worries/ sensory over load pertaining to the Parachute Flying and Landing Aspects thereby adding more Thrill quotient with a sense of Safety.


Schedule for Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Skydive Jump :-

Day 01   :   Training for Static Line Jump will start from 0700 hrs at our drop zone. Duration of Training will be 06 - 08 hours and an AFF Instructor may proceed to further train the Students for their subsequent AFF Skydive if time permits.Participants are requested to carry their pen and note book to note down the important contents of the Theory class.

Day 02:   Participants would be giving a written test during 1st half of the day. Test is to gauge how much they have understood from the training of previous day, based on which Instructor will clear their doubts , if any and further clarify to the entire class.

In 2nd half, participants will be going for the Static Line Jump skydiving jump as per the slots assigned to them by the Instructor.

Once the participant is done with Static Line Jump, he will be undergoing training for Accelerated Free fall (AFF), (the class room instruction may also be covered by an AFF Instructor on day 1 post Static line Instructions), in which he will be taught exit posture, body posture during free fall, how to open his own parachute, high speed procedures and drills etc.


Day 03: Participant will be going for his Accelerated Free Fall Skydive Jump and will be accompanied with two trained skydiving instructors during his free fall.

AFF Participants need to stay in the camp for complete duration of 03 days. Safety is our only Mandate – Indian Skydiving Parachuting Association Instructors

Accelerated Free Fall Jump Package Cost:-

1 Static Line Jump + 1 AFF Jump

Rs. 44,000/-



  • Ground Training and Jump
  • Certificate of the Jump
  • Log Book signed by the Instructor with the details of the Jump valid across the globe
  • All gears and Equipments for the Sport.



  • HD Photos 1000/- Rs / Videos 1000/- Rs not included available on additional cost.
  • Accommodation + local Transfers packages + Food NOT included.
  • 3 NIGHTS & 4 DAYS Accommodation  required For AFF Jump Participants, Prices available on Request
  • We have Tent accommodation at the drop zone itself.
  • Tent charges 1000 Rs per person per night on 2 or 3 sharing basis or whole tent is available on 3000 Rs per night.


* AFF Package includes 1 Static Line Skydive for your added SAFETY and 1 Accelerated Free Fall Skydive.

*Video Subject to availability.